We are looking for someone to join our Pastoral Team at 0.5-1.0 with a particular focus on the tamaraki and whānau of our church and wider community. The ideal candidate for this role will: 

  • Have a deep love of Jesus and passion for the Church. 

  • Carry a strong sense of call to pastorally serve our children and families as part of an integrated model of discipleship and faith development. 

  • Be familiar with and excited by the ‘Foundations of Ministry and Mission with Children and Families’ (https://www.baptistcfm.org.nz/foundations). 

  • Thrive working across cultures. 

  • Be a team player and capable leader and developer of teams; working alongside the existing Pastoral Team and Ministry Leaders to achieve the desired outputs of the ministry. 

  • Carry a heart for children and families beyond the walls of the church, helping us to serve our wider community through strategic kingdom-shaped initiatives. 

  • Have undertaken some form of theological education in support of this position.

To find out more, or for a copy of the job description, please get in touch with Tim: tim.hart@mangerebridgebaptist.com.